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Oct 16, So, the jury is still out on your True Temper axes - Vulcan, Red Warrior, Kelly Perfects, Hand Made, Flint Edge, etc as far as dating goes.
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See pictures as they are large part of description and ask questions. We ship to the 48 states There is pitting on both sides of the axe head pointed out in photos. The blade needs to be sharpened.

Need help dating this "Kelly Perfect" axe head

As found ,a true temper flint edge double blade axe. No 3 2 is on blade. Has a light oil on to protect blade. Reconditioning axes isn't a perfect science so I haven't learned yet how to make them perfect so I give as many views of the head possible to let you see just what you're getting.

Most people that buy With great makers mark. I usually do not grade my items, I provide seve This is a nice solid left hand hewing axe. Handle is solid and set is firm. The manufacture of scythes began in January , and ax production started shortly thereafter. The company later added other edged tools.

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Kelly Axe was one of the first large industries in the Kanawha Valley and for many years provided jobs for several hundred men and women. In , the company changed its name to True Temper, the brand name long used for its products.

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Despite name changes, Charlestonians continued to refer to the large operation as Kelly Axe. This Article was written by Mary Johnson. The Charleston Industrial Area: West Virginia History , Oct. The West Virginia Encyclopedia.

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