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The outcomes are not obvious. Lock yourself in your room and write. Go numb, unable to express yourself. Say "That's a shame," and continue what you were doing. Become the stable, responsible one who delivers the news to everyone else.

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Get into a deep conversation about death with whoever is with you. Cheer everyone up by telling hilarious stories about the friend that died.

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Get angry and plan out what hurtful things you'll say. You ignore it and do something else. You stay inside by yourself and cry. You call your best friend and rant. You just think "What goes around comes around," and get over it.

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  7. You think of how it worked out in your favor. You didn't really feel like going anyway.

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    You decide to ditch them next time they need you at an important event to get back at them. Cry and wonder why. Beg not to be dumped. Spend months getting over it. Refuse to let them leave you. Try to stay friends with them. Make a joke of it, and then get over it. Tell them it's perfectly fine. Jokingly tell them not to hit on you. Secretly worry that they want you. Cry because you wanted to date them and it's just your luck. If they're the opposite sex. You judge them for it. Confess that you are too. Give a vague response that leaves them guessing what your opinion is.

    Replace it right away. Display your favorite photo of it and remember the good. You're horrible at taking care of pets.

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    Decide that it was old anyway and that it's better this way. Toss it across the lawn and wipe your hands. Safety Dance Maybe I'm Amazed. Jack Daniels Long island iced tea.

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    Alcoholic tea or coffee. Have relations with inanimate objects. Drink and smoke pot with friends. Talk on the phone.

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    Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?

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