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Does Rise still act all flirty with you even if you choose to be just friends with her? I romanced both her and Chie and during the Ski Trip there's a great cat fight moment between the two of them. It's a little thing in the overall game, but it would have been nice they would have atleast put in one of those black clouds above your gf's head. There was one moment where after the fireworks where Youske brought up the Spring Festival and i let it slip that i had a date there the day after and Yukiko started blushing.

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden - Marie Social Link [Aeon]

I just broke Chie's heart on Valentine's Day I feel like a monster I'm a horrible, horrible person. T hat is what she gets for changing her voice. N o, I'm not that mean or cruel and the new voice grew on me. Please Log In to post. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Crunchbuttsteak Follow Forum Posts: OmegaChosen Follow Forum Posts: Yeah its a bit depressing lol, but no real consequences until basically the end of the game.

Didn't anybody else read this in Creepy Rapist Adachi voice? EquitasInvictus Follow Forum Posts: I think there's one in particular with Yukari that definitely caught me by surprise had nothing to do with cheating though Crunchbuttsteak: Wait a minute -- is your avatar slitting her own wrist?!

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Spoiler Pick the killer out of a list of names. Spoiler new dungeon that opens up in January. Spoiler talk to all your social links on the last day of the game. Afterwards the game will keep telling you go home, but don't. Eventually you'll get to the true ending dungeon. You can do both of them. It doesn't affect Valentine's day. Spoiler romance Marie for the epilogue; I want MC to be a one girl kinda dude. Omikaru Member Nov 25, May 28, 7, 0 0. So you don't need to do her lover's route? That's good to know.

Episode Two: "The Perfect Plan"

Sorry about the wrong information everyone. That's honestly why I don't want to romance more than one girl. Look at all these playas romancing all the girls. I stayed loyal to Chie. I'm at rank 6. I wonder if Atlus worried that the game was too hard? You've mentioned this before. Have you played the Japanese version? What happens if you date multiple girls come Valentines Day? From what I understand, you have to go around to all the other girls and explain why you can't go out on Valentine's Day. The only one I've seen someone have to do that with was Yukiko. Spoiler You have to break up with each one of them and watch them cry.

I don't think I could be that kind of asshole. One girl only for me. Shall I assume that Marie's not really doing it for a lot of people in this thread? I haven't played it but I am aware of what happens. I dated Yukiko the first time and was going to go with someone different just to see some of the different content with them. When it came down to it, I couldn't.

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The fact that there's some new lover's content convinced me to go with the same girl as my first time. Where you are at right now in it, what does she do? I heard if I wanted the game to remain remotely challenging on very hard, to avoid her link. But, now I'm curious. I'll probably date everyone and constantly reload just to see everyone's Valentine's Day event. Also is it voiced? Kazzy Member Nov 25, Nov 25, 5, 0 0.

Feb 17, 20, 0 0 twitter. Salaadin Member Nov 25, Apr 5, 11, 0 33 Pennsylvania. Is it possible to only romance a single girl while still ranking up all the others? Is a certain rank considered romantic or do they specifically ask you and give you the option to decline right there?

RyougaSaotome Member Nov 25, Mar 25, 7, 0 0 Nagasaki, Japan. I liked Marie quite a bit. Some of her later moments were hilarious, and her path gets really interesting by the end. Snapshot King Member Nov 25, Feb 16, 8, 0 0. How in the world do I get gems? Shiroku pub won't talk to me without them and nobody in yukis castle is dropping them. She's one of the more light-hearted S Links, for sure. Didn't find her plot very interesting at all though. Thomper Member Nov 25, May 14, 2, 0 0. Recently bought a Vita in Amazon's sale, and now I want to buy this game.

I live in Europe.

Who did you enter a relationship with in Persona 4 Golden?

What's the cheapest store that ships American versions of the game to Europe? I checked Amazon but they charge like 70 dollars. You can avoid romantic entanglements, it was only P3 that forced that on you. I'm at least glad they now acknowledge it all, though. Impressions from what I've played: It'll take some time to get over it. I like her interactions with the rest of the gang. Why would you do that? Light hearted for a while at least. You'll be asked specifically. OMG, the Okina thing.

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I don't have enough laughing smilies for this. Spoiler Oh shit, Hanako! I dont want to be thrown into any relationships.

source I think Yukiko wants some of this but I'm strictly a Chie man. Besides, I couldn't do that to Yosuke! There will be a scene where a girl half-heartedly confesses her feelings to you.